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Released in 2012, Change Coming features 12 original adult contemporary vocal songs written and performed by Mark with band. Includes the AC radio hit, "The One," featuring Jeanie Tracy on backing vocals, and four of the songs are graced by sax man Tom Politzer.

“There’s a big CHANGE COMING in Mark Etheredge’s life – and if the eclectic coolness of his debut album as a singer/songwriter and pianist is any indication, it’s going to involve much deserved adult contemporary stardom. In addition to playing the kind of refined soul/pop that legends like Steely Dan, Boz Scaggs and Bobby Caldwell did in their heydays, the multi-talented, Los Angeles based artist beautifully balances marvelously sly humor and colorful storytelling with heartfelt romantic expressions.” – Jonathan Widran, Smooth Jazz Global Radio

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