Love Planet review:


Those fascinating feelings of cathartic release, reflection and exuberance driving the melodic invention, fascinating grooves and colorful improvisations on Mark Etheredge’s latest album LOVE PLANET are hard won, real deal expressions of the multi-talented pianist/composer’s experience of working past the…

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Love Planet review: CULTUURMANIA Belgium

(Translation from Dutch)

A few years ago I discussed the debut album 'Connected' by American smooth jazz pianist Mark Etheredge. His new album has become a triumphant tale of resilience, as since his debut Mark became addicted to alcohol, even…

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Love Planet review: Midwest Record

MARK ETHEREDGE/Love Planet: Nothing like having a hot record to turn you into a bankrupt, homeless drunk watching your mother slip away from Alzheimer's to make you really want to be a rock and roll star. Regrouping himself with Paul…

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Love Planet teaser: Smooth Jazz Therapy

Mark Etheredge - You & Me & We 

Due out on August 12, ‘Love Planet’ from silky smooth keyboard player Mark Etheredge is his first album since 2016 when ‘Connected’ took the smooth jazz world by storm. Not only that…

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You & Me & We review: WCLK 91.9 Radio

I listen to a lot of songs as WCLK Program Director, some good, some not as good. But you know immediately when you have a winner. I believe keyboardist Mark Etheredge's latest You & Me & We (Vipaka Records) is…

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