I do a solo show which is perfect for a house concert. I share my songs and tell some stories throughout.

What is a house concert, you ask?

A house concert is a concert in someone's home with guests by invitation only, presented by a host who does not profit from the event.

House concerts that I perform at are:

- held indoors
- attended by 20 or more people
- paid for by a $10-20 donation per guest (supporting the performer)
- known to usually include light snacks, beverages or a pot-luck dinner
- attended by the host's friends, neighbors, co-workers, and maybe a few fans of the artist
- all ages are welcome, though usually enjoyed most by a 25-60 age group
- performed with some amplification, at a comfortable listening level
- very intimate - the audiences sit close and are attentive

About hosting a house concert with me:

- I perform at the keyboard singing mostly original songs in two, 30-minute sets with a 15 minute break
- My album (physical CD and download cards) and merchandise will be available for sale
- I travel with a keyboard and quality sound system
- I appreciate you housing and feeding me for the night

Would you like to host a house concert in your home? Fill out the contact form and we can start the conversation. I look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,


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