Scientific findings on gratitude and well-being 

If you’ve been following my previous posts, you probably know by now that I’m a big fan of practicing gratitude. I’ve seen my own outlook on life change for the better by expressing thanks to the universe for all I have rather than focus on lack (or perceived lack). 

I find myself a bit fascinated by the subject, particularly some of the scientific studies which have been done. UC Davis professor, Robert Emmons, Ph.D, has done some interesting studies on gratitude and well-being. Here’s is a summary of Dr.… Read more

How the Grammys Work 

The voting process for the 57th annual Grammys is underway — We’re currently in round 1 member voting. 

Ever wonder how people get nominated for a Grammy?

The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS), located in Santa Monica, California, is the organization which manages the Grammys.
I joined NARAS as a voting member in 2013, and have enjoyed being part of the nomination process, and I thought I’d take a moment to share with you how it works. In a nutshell, it’s like this:
1. NARAS establishes… Read more

Celebrating National Coming Out Day 

National Coming Out Day this year is on Saturday, October 11. For most people, that may not mean anything. For me, it’s personal, particularly this year. I thought I’d take a moment to share my story. 

I came out when I was 26…I told my parents, family and friends that I was gay. Now 52, I have been out of the closet as long as I was in it.
Coming out was not easy for me. Sure, my parents were liberal Northern Californians, but they were also church people. My father a former Methodist minister, and my… Read more

Peace requires something of us 

This is a little bit of a ramble. About violence. About death. About actions we can collectively take. I hope it all makes sense. 
Robin Williams has left the stage. I remember first seeing him on Happy Days back in the late 70’s. Apparently, Gary Marshall announced to the show’s staff that his 8-year-old son Scott had suggested to him, “Let’s put a space man on Happy Days.” Soon, the Mork and Mindy show happened as a spinoff.
Mental illness, substance abuse, depression–these were sadly contributing factors… Read more

Website de novo 

For a good while now, I have envisioned a new design for my music website. I saw the end result as a reflection of much of what I’ve learned from music business mentors like Cari Cole, as well as incorporating some aspects of musician websites that I appreciate. I wanted a site which would feel like a match for my personality and my music. I also wanted it to be visually appealing and easy for viewers to share on social media. 

Drum roll please… Months in the making, the site is now complete!

–> http://wwwRead more

The Path of Least Resistance — Living a Creative Life 

My dad was a ponderer. As a youngster, I remember him sitting, reading a book and then at some point he would stare off into the distance. I thought to myself, “What a waste of time.” It wasn’t until much later that I realized there was some value to pondering. 

So anyway… lately I’ve been pondering creative force in my own life, and I recently stumbled onto a book, The Path of Least Resistance, by Robert Fritz. While it’s not fair to attempt to summarize the depth of this book in a relatively short post… Read more

Genre Be Damned? 

I have to confess–I like a lot of different kinds of music styles. Let me paint you a picture. 
I grew up with baroque, classical and romantic orchestral and choral music, as my mother was a church choir director and public school music teacher.
Then there were my three older brothers and their LP’s of The Beatles, Dylan, Queen, Little River Band and other rocking groups. My tastes growing up gravitated toward more softer pop such as Carpenters, Neil Sedaka, and yes, Captain & Tennille!
Sang and played a… Read more

Is Cleanliness Really Next to Godliness? 

Uncluttering. Organizing. Cleaning.

I don’t know about you, but these things don’t come naturally for me. I get busy with my songwriting, music production, business tasks–and yes, TV watching–and I just don’t feel like going through the stacks of paperwork and knick knacks taking up space on my dining table. Maybe I’m born with a lazy gene, but if so, it must have skipped a generation- my mom has always kept her home clean. I remember her saying when I was growing up, “Cleanliness is next to godliness.” If… Read more

Happy VD! 

Valentine’s Day brings out the realness in people, I think. If you’re coupled, perhaps you celebrate it with a romantic evening with your partner. Or maybe you’re anti-establishment-anti-Hallmark and you scoff at the idea. For those of us who are single, it can be a little lonely and even depressing.So why the loneliness? And, can we switch it up?

We get lonely because we see something that we don’t have, right? We envy the couple who seems to have so much going for them. We probably also forget how much… Read more