It's been a wild ride, these last 30 days. When I started this Kickstarter campaign for my new album project, I had real doubts whether I was choosing the right target amount, wondering how to invite people to participate without being too annoying, and whether anyone would care to back me at all.

Some super kind humans stepped up, made a pledge, and something incredible happened. We passed the target amount and the campaign has just come to a close. I now have the funding needed to finish my upcoming smooth… Read more


Mark Etheredge is a contemporary smooth jazz keyboardist in Los Angeles. In addition to his work as a solo artist, Etheredge has performed alongside notable artists such as Tom Politzer (Tower of Power), Danny Hull (Journey), Dr. Charlene Moore (Weather Girls), Jeanie Tracy (Two Tons of Fun), Charles Williams (Johnny Otis), Clifford Coulter (John Lee Hooker), Clare Fischer, Marsha Stevens, and more. His groups have opened for Bobby McFerrin, Sergio Mendes, Tuck and Patti, Betty Carter, Sheila Jordan, and numerous others.

The One, a notable single from Etheredge's previous album Change Coming, received airplay on Smooth Jazz/AC radio stations across the U.S. and charted in the top 50 Radar Chart on

Etheredge is a voting member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (The Grammys). He is currently in the studio working on a new smooth jazz album with two-time Grammy winning producer Paul Brown.